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Cliff Vacek for Fort Bend County District Attorney



ExperienceD • qualified • vision

cliff Vacek ENDORSEMENTS...

A Partial List of Those Endorsing Cliff...

John Healey, Fort Bend District Attorney

John Zerwas, M.D., State Representative

Donald Smithers, Former Sugar Land City Council

Himesh Gandhi, Sugar Land City Council Member

Harvey Zinn, Sugar Land Resident

Alice Jozwiak, Rosenberg City Council Member

Charlie Dickerson, Former Judge of the 240 Jud. District Court

Tony Leal, Texas Ranger (ret.)

Don Carter, Fort Bend County Resident

Jacquie Baly, Former Sugar Land City Council Member and Republican Political Analyst

Milton Wright, Former Sheriff of Fort Bend County

Marian Wright, Fort Bend County Resident

Craig LeTulle , Fort Bend County Resident

Tim and Lauren Ping, Fort Bend County Residents

Kristina Pruitt, Fort Bend County Resident

Jeffrey Wilson, Fort Bend County Resident

Cecil Willis, City of Stafford Council Member

Barry C. Beard, City of Richmond Commissioner

Allen Owen, Mayor of Missouri City

Tommy Stavinoha, Former County Commissioner

Ernie Taylor, Sugar Land Police Chief (ret.)

William T. “Bill” Benton, City of Rosenberg Mayor

Chuck Brawner, City of Katy Mayor

Doris Gurecky, Fort Bend County Resident

Robert Nall, Fort Bend County Resident

Cory Warr, Fort Bend County Resident

Rafe Rodriquez, Fort Bend County Resident




2018 Republican Primary

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