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VoteVacek.com               Cliff Vacek - Media Release             January 19, 2018



Political season is in full swing with the Primary Election just over a month away. Last night the Greater Katy Area Republicans hosted the first debate for the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s race. The format included a two-minute opening and closing, with five questions for the candidates. Cliff Vacek, who has over 40-years of experience in the justice system as a lawyer, managing partner, and judge, was able to answer all the issue-related questions with ease.


Vacek opened with a brief introduction that included his trial experience. Once the veteran of law settled in, it was not long he was sharing his thoughts on the District Attorney’s duties and his vision for the office. Vacek said, “Decisions made by the District Attorney, especially in the area of what charges to accept or reject, can, when made correctly, result in justice being served; but if made incorrectly can result in innocent lives being destroyed or criminals going unpunished.”













shared that his first case as a prosecutor he felt inadequate. Vacek, when elected, says, “Even though I am a board-certified trial lawyer, I believe that it is more important for the district attorney of a county the size of Fort Bend County to be a good decision maker and administrator rather than a trial lawyer. The district attorney's office is the largest law firm in the county and needs an experienced manager and administrator to guide the office.”


Attending the debate was the current District Attorney, John Healey, several candidates for other races, and interested residents. Vacek recapped, “I have tried hundreds of felony criminal jury cases and have not had a single one of them, to my knowledge, reversed upon appeal. I have heard thousands of non-jury trials and guilty pleas. I have considered and granted or denied requests from law enforcement for search and arrest warrants. I have impaneled and guided grand juries in their duties. I have a record of showing good judgment.”


The primary election is March 6, with early voting running from February 20 until March 2, 2018.



Debate Questions ranged from the percentage of pleas versus trials to the criminal issues that impact Fort Bend County. Drug activity that leads to other crimes, such as home burglaries and impaired behavior is what Vacek feels is a real problem now and when he was a sitting Judge.


Vacek’s opponent, who now practices as a criminal defense attorney,


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